Sunday, 26 January 2014

Rava idly/ Hotel-styled idly

  'At Hyderabad, you can never find rice idly, rava idly is the only option', this was one of my relative's opinion, about two years back.  And yes, he was right, starting from authentic 'CHUTNEYS'  to street-smart shops, all you can find is magic of this rava idly.  But, the beauty of them, is that they are soft textured, which melts completely in your mouth, within seconds, despite being untempered.  Serve them with sambhar and chutney...... YOU ARE IN HEAVEN!!!  :)  :)  To all those fancy dishes, BEWARE, THE LORD IS HERE  :D  :D   :D

This rava idly, dates my memories  back to my mother's preparations.  Though my mother is an excellant cook, she never measures, what she cooks.  All she says, ' I just measure them through my eyes and cook, :)' Now, this is little hurting, :(  And then, I request her to measure thereafter, atleast  to  pass on her authentic dishes for more generations to come... This is one request, I would like to pass on to my every viewers.  Measure and cook, note them down.... this will help you to pass your delicasies to daughter or daughter-in-law's....

And, coming this recipe,  this is my own idea.  About an month ago, I first experimented with initial quantities and to my surprise, they surpassed my test :)  So, I went on with same quantities, with photos for my viewer's comfort :)   Personal front, I basted ghee to hot idlys and served to Varsha along with chutney (Believe me, this girl is an chutney-freak), idlys vanished within minutes :)  And my hubby termed them as,'restaurant-styled hot n soft idly', what else can I ask for? ....  :)   For beginners, kindly note the tips shared at end of my post.

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