Thursday, 26 December 2013

Eggless Christmas Cake

Merry Christmas to everyone :D  Hope you all enjoyed and had an blast :)  At home, we had a good time watching TV and other part of the day was dedicated to shopping at Inorbit Mall :D  :D  :D  I say, this is the best part of an holiday :D  Yes, coming back to my post, I had always wanted to bake an eggless cake.  And to top it, my inlaws gave an quick visit and since they are pure vegetarians, I had to search for eggless bakes.

All this time, I had an impression that these eggless cakes would not equalize the moistness/softness in an normal egg cakes.  But, trust me, I was wrong.  This eggless cake that I baked was totally super-moist and tasted yummy too!  They went missing almost within a day!!  :)  You  guys can surely give this an mind-blowing try!! 

Christmas cakes or commonly called 'plum cake' are filled with nuts/orange peels/raisins which are traditionally soaked in wine to give authentic flavour.  Here, I marinated an entire cup of nuts and peels with grape juice.  You can also try with apple juice, or else go with traditional choice too :D  Another feature of cakes were the 'rich' caramel flavour which is because of presence of  caramel syrup into cake batter.  Here, I replaced the syrup with condensed milk.  This condensed milk when baked, gave out an dense, rich and crusty caramel flavour.  

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